The I Love You Institute

The I Love You Institute is an artist-led site-specific project urgently working with communities to creatively address today’s world. We combine art making, social justice, radical kindness, and relational listening to normalize saying  “I Love You” as an alternative to division and conflict.

As a new initiative the aim of the I Love You Institute is to facilitate a series of events that emphasizes connecting with each other through the co-creation of art using relational exchange & creative dialogue. As a nomadic, nimble initiative, the I Love You Institute works in a variety of community sites--public & private. Using established & new networks and focusing on health & wellness, we create one-off events, performances & interventions. Each site is developed & produced as a site-specific experience, working in collaboration with the hosting partners. Intentionally open-ended, the events are responsive to the public & each site. 

The idea is to create spaces for individual connection & creativity with a focus on healing. To do this we’ll be reaching out to all populations, possibly those who feel marginalized, welcoming all to participate in the creation of an art piece or pieces together. This offers participants an opportunity to respond to our world through an act of love & connection.  


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