What's love got to do with it?


The world currently sits in an epoch of change, of division, of conflict, of potential re-alignment. More than ever we are in need of saying and hearing: I love you.Anne Labovitz

Radical kindness through relational listening is a process embedded in the practice of American artist Anne Labovitz. The I Love You Institute, created in 2018, is an initiative with roots in art and social justice. Resuscitating the power of dialogue and humanity, the work urgently proposes actions and gestures of kindness and connection. We believe by having the ability to say, “I Love You,” as an alternative to division and conflict, we can utilize listening as a method for positive change in humanity. 

We deliver events, performances, interventions, and workshops as part of the political movement in contemporary art focused on resuscitating and facilitating relational dialogue and communicating love and radical kindness.