Dr. Lisa Bravo

 Dr. Lisa Bravo is a highly acclaimed psychotherapist, internationally recognized speaker, teacher, & best- selling author. Her professional experience spans across many therapy approaches -from Psychodynamic to Solution-Focused to Family Systems.The Bravo Effect® is a model that represents Lisa’s personal life experiences and 25+ years of clinical expertise. She has taken the best of evidence-based practice, neuroscience, and her unique brand of practical wisdom and developed this comprehensive relationship model. The intention of The Bravo Effect® is to foster sustainable healing that far proceeds the initial coping process. Through this process, the individual propagates  self- awareness and insight with the purpose of understanding barriers to healing, instilling clarity and providing a springboard for intrinsic growth and emotional competency. Lisa believes that change is a “whole person” proposition and that sustainable change only occurs through a comprehensive mind-body-spirit connection.