Bill Gamble


Bill Gamble is a writer and musician living in Minnesota. He studied Music and German Philosophy at both Dartmouth College and the Free University of Berlin, and has continually focused on the nexus between music and literature. 

Bill is an accomplished keyboard player, and in recent years has focused on harpsichord, primarily English Renaissance (studied with Barb Weiss). As a composer he studied primarily with Malcolm Goldstein, and has written in a variety of styles, though primarily combined with his writings. He is fluent in five languages and enjoys writing in many idioms. In the past five years he has released 3 cds, combining cowboy songs, art/political songs and traditional folk, and he is currently at work on a chamber folk album.

In the course of writing his novel Li Anni Maravigvliosi, he composed several fragments of an invented language, and is currently working with a linguistics specialist to catalogue vocabulary and grammar of the language. 

Bill has worked on several projects with his wife, Anne Labovitz, including an illustrated anti-colonial story featuring a zebra and wildebeest, and art films featuring video and chamber music presented at various film festivals. 


Studies at Dartmouth College in classical piano performance with Gabriel Chodos and Andrew Rangell, and various recitals


Studies (Dartmouth) in contemporary composition with Malcolm Goldstein and various performances 


Visual Arts Projects

Honoral and Zarinawith Anne Labovitz


Farbenzugwith Artist Anne Labovitz


Schale Series (1, 2 &3), films


Permanent Collections

Ellis Island, song

Bob Hope Library, Ellis Island

Farbenzug,an Artist’s Book of Haiku and Drawings

Athenaeum, La Jolla,CA

Minnesota Historical Society